SMOS products version and quality monitoring

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Since the start of the processing of SMOS data, many improvements have been operated over the processors. And thanks to the reactiveness of everyone, several versions of L1 and L2 processors have been developed, delivered, installed and operated. But this implies that we have non-uniform processing configurations for the data produced at DPGS. Many users have been asking about the processing configuration of available products.

At CESBIO, we are providing users with a summary about the versions, the configurations files, and main processing configurations in the form of images, HTML files and text files at the following link. This information is extracted from the headers of the products.

We are also providing users with information about the processors performances in terms of number and percentage of successful retrievals and NOT in terms of the quality of inversed parameters. The performance data for level 2 is re-sampled over 15 minutes and a moving average of 3 days and 18 days

These informations will be updated weekly.

We consider as a start the L2SM UDP products. When several versions of these products are available for the same semi-orbit, the latest version is considered. All previous processing data (level 1C, 1B, 1A) are the ones used to produce the considered L2SM product.

In the future, the same information will be also provided for the reprocessing campaign data.


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