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SMOS is a wonderful mission and the potential of L-band passive microwaves  to retrieve soil moisture  is being confirmed.

However, SMOS products are very « rich », making them somewhat cumbersome to use and, by the same token, difficult to exploit to their full extent. Faced by this, a newcomer  might have difficulties to fully understand and grasp what is in the multiple products available.

So as to help making the most of SMOS, the CESBIO team will propose a training course over the coming months. The main objectives of the training will be:

  • Introduce the different products
  • Show how to find the over pass schedule over any point
  • Visualise the products and handle them
  • Use and analyse data from L1 and L2 products
  • Produce your data by using the prototypes of the level 1 and 2

This training should last a few days (between 2 and 3) and will be organised at CESBIO in Toulouse, France early 2012. More details will be given here soon, so watch this space !

As you know, there will be a SMOS workshop in Arles on September 27-29, 2011. All details can be found on

So in the mean time, we would like to take this opportunity to give you an overview of the training. It will take place just before the workshop on Monday 26 September.
We hope many of you will be interested. Should it be the case, as the attendance will be limited, please let us know if you are intererested by sending an email to:

Have a nice day


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