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As you know SMOS is adversely affected by RFI, most of them being illegal emitters.We are trying to reduce the numbers of emitters and, thanks to ESA and National Frequency Protection Entities, have had some success in Europe, North America etc… But the situation is far from clean yet unfortunately.

The SMOS soil moisture level 2 product has an RFI detector which enables to establish the RFI presence probability (in blue very low probability in red very high). We are also working on other approaches over the Ocean , using other Channels (Stokes 3 and 4 etc… ) so stay tuned.

In the mean time for you to check over your favourite site we are posting here the most recent global view (for ascending and descending orbits) of the RFI level probability for the last 15 day period.

Ascending orbits

Descending orbits

the catalogue is available here

For a zoom over Europe:

Ascending orbits

Descending orbits

Stay tuned we will propose some improvements soon

the RFI maps are derived from SMOS level 2 SM data

Philippe Richaume

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Hello SMOS Team,

It would be very helpful if you can provide us GEOTIFFs of the above RFI maps. It will help us in selecting locations so as to avoid excessive RFI. Currently we have to make visual guess so it is not very accurate.

Looking forward to your help.

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