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Dear  SMOS L3 user,

Since June 24, 2013 (Day of the Year 175), the new version 2.60 of the level 3 processor has been implemented.

It is an important step as the MIRONOV dielectric model is used instead of the Dobson’s one. For those who are familiar with the level 2 data, it is aligned with the V6.0 level 2 processor.

Be careful as you may observe a change in the derived soil moisture as a consequence. A complete reprocessing will be done later this year to have a homogeneous time series. In the mean time be aware of the discrepancy between the two versions and , keep in mind this comment.

To summarize

*) for the new algorithm use products with  « 260 » in the name (referring to the processor used)

e.g., SM_OPER_MIR_CLF31A_20130624T000000_20130624T235959_260_001_7.tgz

*) All lower versions (typically 2.5, 2.4) use the Dobson’s model and are thus prone to be « dryer »

the L3 team

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From where this level3 of new algorithm can be obtained. Also where can I get the details of the various level3 data which has been downloaded from CATDS.


OK I got it that the data can be obtained by CATDS but still the description of various data folders is needed.


You are right
the ATBD willbe posted very shortly and the data description i salready available in the DOC folder on the blog


dear yann,

I’m validating the SMOS L3 product (daily means), from 2010 to 2013. Since the reprocessed product doesn’t cover the whole period, I’m using the oper product. I can’t find a description of the different versions. Could you please tell me where can I find them?

Thank you,

Very sorry for the late answer. If still useful I can tell you that we start a catch up processing to align everything from june 2010 to dec 2013 –> should be availabe in 2months time
We will also reprocess everything from jan 2010 to now with the new release of the processors note that we will also upgarde to EASE-2 grid
We have put a table with the product evolution which I will send you by mail. It is a bit of a mess as you will see hence the catch up!



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