The new SMOS data is now being produced!

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Dear Colleagues

After many improvements with respect to v550, and many verifications, I am very glad to announce that the SMOS version V620 is now in operation!

At ESA the whole level 1 V620 is available:

SMOS level 1 algorithm baseline V620 reprocessed dataset now available:
Successful deployment of the new SMOS level 1 algorithm baseline V620 in the operational processing:

For level 2 the V620 algorithm was sucessfully deployed as well (see link above) but the reprocessing of data from 2010 to now is starting at the moment and should be available in total this fall

Similarly, for level 3 CATDS the new processor (equivalent to V620) is running operationally ingesting the new L1 data and the reprocessing of soil moisture is done in parallel and should be available this summer! Salinity reprocessing will also be initiated

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