Special Issue New Outstanding Results over Land from... from Amen Al-Yaari and Arnaud Mialon Call for publications Dear Colleagues, Surface soil moisture (the water content in the first centimeters of soil) is an essential climate variable that plays an important role in land–atmosphere interactions. Soil moisture is widely used in improving climate model predictions/projections, weather...


A new debiased Seas surface Salinity map from LOCEAN New info from Jacqueline Boutin! A new version (version 3) of debiased SMOS SSS L3 maps generated by the LOCEAN CATDS expertise center is available at CATDS. This third version of Level 3 SMOS SSS corrected from systematic biases uses an improved ‘de-biasing’ technique: with respect to version 2, the adjustment of the long term mean SMOS SSS in very dynamical...


SMOS and south-India applications at Toulouse Space... Every two years, Toulouse becomes during the "Toulouse Space Show" the "space to be"  when concerned with space economy. Now in its' 6th edition the TSS proved to be a great forum for discussion around the evolution or the revolution in Earth Observation. One round table concerned the Space Climate Observatory (SCO) a leading initiative to create an international observatory...


Post-doctoral position Water extent mapping from data... Post-doctoral position Water extent mapping from data fusion of L-Band radiometry and radar Location: Centre d'Etudes Spatiale de la Biosphère (CESBIO), Toulouse, France Duration: 18 months start before November 2018 Description: Interested in creating state of the art remote sensing products in hydrology for existing and future satellite mission,...


SMOS retrieves salinity closer to the coast line From J Boutin, and colleagues from LOCEAN Salinity observing satellites have the potential to monitor river fresh-water plumes mesoscale spatio-temporal variations better than any other observing system. In the case of the SMOS mission, this capacity was hampered due to the contamination of SMOS data processing by strong land-sea emissivity contrasts. With...




Happy New Year!!

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The SMOS team wishes you all a very Happy New Yearsmoslow

We hope it will bring you happiness, good health, lost of successes and plenty of SMOS data!

L Band continuation workshop update

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Just a few words to say that the L band continuation workshop is now well over. We are preparing some documents and most notably a white paper. We will also put on this blog a post summarising the main findings…


L band continuation workshop for the last day (Pic by A. Al Bitar)

This last week several of us attended also the ESA/ECMWF workshop at ECMWF, complementing usefully the findings of the previous week.

So stay tuned!

L band Continuation Workshop Day 2

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For today you can follow here

L Band Continuation workshop is on at CESBIO

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Hello all

The L band continuation workshop is currently underway at CESBIO the agenda is

Yesterday, the presentations and exchanges were put on line by Ahmad and can be seen here.

We will continue today…

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