Russian floods

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Southwest of Russia recently experienced server floods early July 2012.  The area  concerned by the events is situated at the border of the Black Sea, and the city of Krymsk has been severely  damaged. (

The following animation shows SMOS soil moisture (m3/m3), derived from July 4th to July 9th 2012 . The large dark blue area (July, 6th) corresponds well with the heavy precipitations reported for this region.




Satellite image (NASA EOSDIS LANCE-MODIS the northeast coast of the Black Sea, acquired at 09:30 UTC Friday, July 6, 2012.


UPDATE on the SMOS products versions

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As indicated earlier the New reprocessed SMOS data is available. It is the so called version 5
The different readme files are available on the ESA web site
ALL the LEVEL 1, 2SM and 2 OS have been reprocessed from January 2010 to the end of 2011 and the  processor (operational) is also running with the very same version so from January 2010 to April 2012 all the data has been processed uniformly and is available from ESA
For soil moisture a  new version of the Level 2 Soil Moisture processor (V5.51) has been deployed in the operational chain on 24 April 2012. The first data set generated with the new processor has the start acquisition time of 23 April 2012 08:35 UTC.

The main difference between V5.51 and previous V5.00 is the change of the dielectric constant model used in the retrieval algorithm. Processor version V5.51 uses the Mironov formulation instead of the Dobson Model. This change improves the soil moisture estimates, increases the number of successful retrievals over dry and warm surfaces and reduces extreme values of soil moisture.

The processor improvements and other associated information are summarised in the Level 2 SM read-me-first note.

Soil Moisture data users are strongly encouraged to consult the above mentioned Level 2 SM read-me-first n

Except for very arid areas we do not expect drastic changes  we will not reprocess the whole data just now.

FEED BACK is most welcome as usual


SMOS L2 soil moisture reprocessing finished and ready

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Dear All

Last Week the SMOS level 2 data reprocessed at CNES by CESBIO was officially accepted by ESA after validation. The data set is now being shipped to ESA and Brockman for dissemination.

reprocessed global-2012

The new processor is close to the previous one (level 2) but with an improved Level 1. With this reprocessing and, following, the routinely processed data, it is now 26 months of uniformly processed data which is available (and counting!)

The answer…. to the quizz

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Yes, as most of you found out, it is an Iceberg (not that big wrt SMOS resolution, but large never the less)
Ewa Slominska gave me the following pictures with the blog post the other day…
The Area where the point was travelling looks like this at the time of SMOS over pass closest to the ENVISAT ASAR overpass.

iceberg-smos and if we super- impose SAR data we get…
iceberg Bingo! actually zooming a little more we see the iceberg
iceberg-zoom It is not that big!
More details on this link provided by Serge and Fernando at ESAC