Land Surface Fluxes

May , 2007




GEWEX motivations for Landflux activity


W.B. Rossow paper 
Day 1 AM
Roads et al.
  Land Data Products For Energy Budget and Water Cycle Trends and Processes (ISLSCP II) F. Hall et al. paper   
  SMOS Y.H. Kerr et al. paper   
  GEWEX motivations for Landflux activity W.B. Rossow paper        
Day 1 PM Surface fluxes in CEOP T. Koike (Roads) paper    
  Some Approaches and Issues related to ISCCP-based Land Fluxes E.F. Wood paper       
  Evapotranspiration flux estimations using combined satellite measurements Bing Lin et al. paper 
  AMMA Land Surface Flux Estimates over West Africa: From Field Measurements Network
to Integrated Land Surface Modeling Approaches
P. de Rosnay et al. paper 
Day 2 AM Improving Modeled Land Improving Modeled Land Fluxes through Fluxes through
Observational Constraints Observational Constraints?
P.R. Houser paper     
  Surface fluxes over land in ERA-40 A. Beljaars paper          
  Integrated Land Ecosystem - Atmosphere Processes Study    A. Reissell paper       
  Land-atmosphere coupling, climate-change and extreme events + Activities with regard to land flux estimations at ETH Zurich < S.I. Seneviratne paper    
Day 2 PM Mapping of Surface Turbulent Flux, Evaporative Fraction and Flux Roughness Length Scale Using Sequential Assimilation of Thermal Remote Sensing Observations D. Entekhabi paper 
  AMMA Land surface Model Intercomparison Project A. Boone et al. paper
  Land Surface Fluxes in Coupled Land/Atmosphere Analysis Systems M. Bosilovich et al. paper
  Multi-Satellite Remote Sensing of Global Inundated Surfaces over a Decade F. Papa et al. paper
  Land Fluxes Simulated by NASA's Global Land Data Assimilation System M. Rodell paper 
  Surface Skin/Air Temperature and LW Flux Calculation Y.C. Zhang et al. paper 
Day 3 AM Surface Skin Temperature, Soil Moisture, and Turbulent Fluxes in Land Models X. Zeng et al. paper 
  Long-Term Passive Microwave Observations of Soil and Vegetation Water Variability E. Njoku paper 
  Computation of Surface Longwave Fluxes Effect of Skin-Air Temperature Differences S.K. Gupta et al. paper 
  Toward a New Generation of Satellite Land Surface Products? Soil Moisture as an Example C. Prigent et al. paper 
  Surface Skin Temperatures Observed from IR and Microwave Satellite Measurements C. Prigent et al. paper 
  Soil moisture retrieval from space C. Gruhier (Kerr) paper 
Day 3 PM MODIS Reflectance Anisotropy and Albedo C. Shaaf et al. paper 
  Atmospheric Correction in the Reflective Domain of MODIS and AVHRR Data
Uncertainties Analysis and Evaluation of AERONET Sites
E.F. Vermote (Schaaf) paper 
  Recent Advances in Land Surface Albedo Generation from European Satellite Sensors (POLDER, MSG, VEGETATION) O. hautecoeur (Roujean) paper 
  Exploitation of MODIS and MISR Surface Albedos in Support of SVAT Models B. Pinty et al. paper 
  Standardizing Terminology and Description of Satellite-Derived Land Surface Albedo Products G. Schaepman-Strub et al. paper 
  Surface Albedo and SW Flux Calculation Y.C. Zhang et al. paper