Munich - GERMANY


Monday September 10th
13:00 Welcome Dr. Moreira, H. Suess
13:15 Objectives of the meeting Y Kerr
13:25 Approval of agenda all
Status of the project (Chair: Y. Kerr):  
13:30 Overview E. Herland
14:00 SMOS Extended Phase A activities - SEPA and SEPS

P Silvestrin or A. Schoenenberg

15:00 Next steps - Phase B activities A. Hahne
15:30 Coffee Break  
15:45 The SMOS demonstrator - HUT-2D planned activities M. Hallikainen
16:00 The MIRAS Demonstrator Pilot Project M. Martin-Neira
Scientific support studies and campaigns in Europe (Chair: E. Herland):  
16:15 Overview of ESA Scientific support studies

M. Berger

16:30 The Soil Moisture Requirement Study L. Simmonds
16:45 The EUROSTARRS campaign E. Lopez Baeza
17:00 The Salinity Requirement Study (1), (2) J. Boutin, P.Y. LeTraon
17:15 First results of the WISE A. Camps
17:30 First results of the LOSAC N. Skou
17:45 Avignon Campaign results A. Chanzy

18:00 Planned Fauga measurements (1), (2)

Y.Kerr, J.C. Calvet
18:15 Towards an European Land Data assimilation Scheme - ELDAS B. v.d. Hurk
18:45 Adjourn  
Tuesday, September 11th

International Activities part 1 (Chair: G. Lagerloef ):

9:00 Activities in India Variability of Soil Moisture Over Indian Continent based on MSMR data R. P. Singh
9:20 Potential possibilities of RS radiometer with antenna array V. Piskorzh,
9:40 Soil Moisture Observation with the Ground Based MicrowaveRadiometer (GBMR-6) T. Koike
10:00 Discussion all

10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Splinter sessions 1 & 2:  
Session 1: Calibration /validation (Chair: N. Skou)  

Keynote: Cal Val activities and issues for SMOS

C. Ruf
Session 2: Image reconstruction (Chair: M Peichl)  
Keynote: Apodisation functions for SMOS E. Anterrieu

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Resume splinters 1 and 2
15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 Splinter sessions 3 to 5  
Session 3: SM Retrievals and GCM and mesoscale model requirements (Chair: Y. Kerr)  
Keynote: Use of SM in GCM improvements and requirements B. v.d. Hurk
Session 4: SSS Retrievals (Chair: J. Font)  
Keynote: SSS Retrievals : outstanding issues G. Lagerloef
Session 5: Cryosphere (Chair: M. Drinkwater)  
Keynote: Use of L band over snow and ice: models C.Mätzler
18:00 Adjourn for the day  
Wednesday September 12th

9:00 Resume splinters 3 & 5

Session 6 Progress meeting for the salinity study (organiser H. Rehban.)  
10:30 Coffee break  

International Activities part 2 (Chair: G. Lagerloef ): US Projects

10:45 Aquarius G. Lagerloef
11:00 Hydros  
T. Jackson
11:15 Star+ D. Levine
11:30 US studies and campaigns related to SM retrieval T. Jackson
12:00 US studies and campaigns related to OS retrieval

G. Lagerloef

12:30 Lunch  
Plenary (Chair: Y. Kerr)
Presentations by the splinter chairs of findings and discussions 

14:00 Session1 N. Skou
14:20 Session 2 M. Peichl
14:40 Session 3 Y. Kerr
15:00 Session 4 J. Font

15:20 Session 5 : Fig1, Fig2, Fig3 Fig4Fig5, Fig6, Fig7

M. Drinkwater

15:40 coffee break

16:00 The future of SSIWG G. Lagerloef