Tuesday, November 28, 2000

9:00      Welcome and Introduction Y. Kerr
 Objectives of the meeting   Approval of agenda

9:15     Status of the project (Chair: C. Readings)

10:45  Break

11:00      Scientific support studies M. Berger

12:15  Lunch break
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13:30     Collaborations/contributions (Chair: C. Koblinsky)
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15:15     Break

15:30     Outstanding issues (Chair: J. Font)

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17:30     Preparation of the splinter sessions Y. Kerr
 Goal and means, issues to be addressed (see appendix1)

18:00     Adjourn

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

8:30     Splinter sessions 1 (see appendix 1)

12:30     Lunch
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14:00     Resume splinter session
17:00     Plenary (Chair: Y. Kerr)
  Summary of findings (Chairs of splinter sessions) followed by a general discussion.

18:30     Adjourn for the day

Thursday, November 30, 2000

8:30     Open issues (could possibly be addressed through splinter groups if necessary)

Specific campaigns might be required: the goal is to identify the main issues to be addressed (i.e., gaps to be filled in the near future) and potential collaborations/participation with existing programmes. After the presentation of the status of the end to end simulator, the idea is to see what is necessary on the science point to complement the simulator (geosphysical parameter modelling) and where more work is required. The goals here are also to give an update on where we are currently, organise and optimise work (i.e. identify redundancies and investigate whether they are real/necessary), identify potential gaps and propose actions and /or priorities.
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11:30     Break

11:45     Wrap up: Summary and discussion of findings  and general discussion All
12:30     Adjourn and Lunch

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