A.J. Dolman
Department of Water Management
Section Land use, hydrology and climate
DLO Winand Staring Centre
PO Box 125
6700 AC Wageningen
tel: (31) 317 474304
fax: (31) 317 424812

Dr. A.J. Dolman has more than 10 years experience in land surface-atmosphere interaction modelling and measurements. He has over 40 publications in internationally refereed journals and was/is involved in a number of international field experiments such as HAPEX-Sahel and LBA. He is also leading the validation effort of GEWEX' Global Soil Wetness Project and leads a Dutch project to improve the parameterization of soil moisture in regional climate models.

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Dolman, A.J. and Blyth ,E.M. (1996). Patch scale aggregation of heterogeneous land surface cover for mesoscale meteorological models. J. Hydrol., 190: 252-268.

Dolman, A.J., Gash, J.H.C., Goutorbe, J-P., Kerr, Y., Lebel, T., Prince, S.D. and Stricker, J.N.M. (1996). The role of the land surface in Sahelian climate: HAPEX-Sahel results and future research needs. J. Hydrol., 188/189. 1067-1079.

Dolman, A.J. (1993) A multiple source land surface energy balance model for use in GCMs. Agric. Forest. Meteor., 65: 2-45.

Role in the SMOS mission:

Our interest would be soil moisture retrieval through SVAT modelling (GSWP) for Europe using aggregated soil hydraulic parameters (some scaling thus as well) and ECMWF and where possible satellite forcing data.