Christophe François
10 Avenue de l'Europe
78140 Vélizy
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The group "Study of continental interfaces" at CETP, which will be involved in the work is composed of 4 researchers and 4 PHD students. It is specialized in the study of the land-atmosphere interactions for hydrology and agronomy studies. It has two main research activities related with the proposal subject. They are based on the synergistic use of optical, thermal infrared and microwave remote sensing data to infer atmospheric and surface parameters. In this domain, different researches have been done these last ten years to improve land surface temperature retrievals from thermal infrared data : development of algorithms correcting the atmospheric effects, interpretation of angular variations of radiative temperature and use of dual incidence measurements to separate vegetation and soil contributions. These works have been published in international journals and presented in different scientific meetings.

Since the last ten years, we are involved in scientific programs in radar microwave and optical remote sensing and developed methodologies to account such data for the temporal follows up of energetic and hydric soil budgets. Modelisations of the electromagnetic diffusion by crop canopies in the microwave domain as well as modelisation of the radiative transfer in the thermal infrared have been developed to improve the retrieval of surface and vegetation parameters from space like soil moisture and vegetation indexes. We have also a good experience in using these data in SVAT models coupled with distributed hydrological models or with rainfall-runoff models.

Christophe François : Post-doctorate research scientist at CETP. He received the M.S and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from the University of Paris, France in 1992 and 1995 respectively. He has been working on the interpretation of surface radiative temperature in the thermal infrared. He is presently developing methodologies for remote sensing data assimilation in SVAT modelisations (in the optic and microwave domains).

François, C. and C. Ottlé, 1996, Atmospheric corrections in the thermal infrared : Global and water vapour dependent Split-Window algorithms. Application on ATSR data, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sen., 34, 2, 457-470.

François, C. , C. Ottlé and L. Prévot, 1997, Analytical parameterization of canopy directional emissivity and canopy directional radiance in the thermal infrared. Application on the retrieval of soil and foliage temperatures using two directional measurements. Part 1 : Theory, Int. J. Remote Sensing, 18,12, 2587-2621.