Markus Peichl,

Matthias Söllner,

Helmut Süß

DLR (German Aerospace Center), Institute of Radio Frequency Technology
Oberpfaffenhofen, 82234 Wessling, Germany
PHONE: +49-8153-28- 2390, 1235, 2372
FAX: +49-8153-28-1135

DLR Institute of Radio Frequency Technology has a long tradition in the fields of microwave radiometry back to the early seventies. The different main projects can be characterized by the development and construction of several airborne and ground-based imaging radiometer systems, various experimental instruments and the development of many simulation codes for the design and analysis of radiometric imaging technologies. Recent work is focussed on the improvement of the spatial and radiometric resolution of radiometer systems and the investigation of fully polarimetric imaging technologies. Following this an experimental aperture synthesis radiometer for two-dimensional imaging in the near and far field with high resolution capability was designed and constructed and related image processing tools developed and implemented. The design and construction of a fully polarimetric two-dimensional imaging radiometer system with high polarimetric precision is used for the experimental determination of signatures and the validation of complicated theoretical results. Both instruments are supported by the development of various simulation codes for performance and error analysis and advanced image reconstruction.

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Söllner, M., Vollpolarimetrische Helligkeitstemperatur-Verteilungen von natürlichen und künstlichen Objekten bei einer Frequenz von 90GHz, DLR-Forschungsber., FB-98-19, German Aerosp. Res. Cent., Cologne, Germany, 1998.

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Süß, H.; Grüner, K., Present DLR-Activities in Airborne Microwave Imaging (Invited Paper) Specialists Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing, Boulder, Colorado, January 14-16, 1992.

Role in the SMOS mission:

DLR's large experience in the design and construction of two-dimensional imaging radiometer systems and the special theoretical and experimental knowledge in high resolution aperture synthesis provides a basis for the performance and error analysis of the instrument under consideration. The work will focus on advanced image reconstruction under non-ideal conditions, the estimation and control of error sources and the investigation on suitable calibration methods. The work is supported by experimental data as well as already implemented simulation codes.