Joel Noilhan
42 avenue G; Coriolis,
31057 Toulouse cedex 01
Phone: 33 5 61 07 93 08
Fax: 33 5 61 07 96 26

Joel Noilhan has a position of research ingeneer at Meteo-France. He got Doctorat of 3cycle and Doctorat d'Etat at the University P. Sabatier of Toulouse and joined CNRM in 1983. He leads a research team working on the impact of surface processes in meteorological models and was one of the promoter of the ISBA surface scheme used in many atmospherical models. He has been involved in many international field programs. He has more than 50 publications. He has coordinated two European programs and is a member of various national and international commitees. Since 1997, he is a member of the GEWEX Scientific Steering Group.

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