Joaquin Tintoré Subirana

Campus UIB, Edifici Mateu Orfila
E-07071 Palma

- Ph.D. Physical Oceanography, UIB, 1988.

- Prof. Titular de Universidad, since 1989

Joaquin Tintoré Subirana has research interests in numerical and field studies of the oceanic circulation and mesoscale variability in the upper ocean. The IMEDEA physical oceanography group is formed by 10 experienced researchers that participate in different research projects funded mostly by the European Commission and the Spanish National Plan for Research. The group coordinates one EC MAST project (1996-1999), has experience in field data collection using instrumented moorings and has also well known experience on in situ data collection during oceanographic cruises onboard different reserach vessels. The group has also good experience in modelling the oceanic general circulation at large basin scale and also on more reduced sub-basin scales.

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Role in the SMOS mission:

Field studies in oceanography needed for sensor calibration.