Jean-Pierre Wigneron
INRA Bioclimatologie
Agroparc, 84914 Avignon Cedex 9, France
tel: (33) 4 90 31 60 87 (6111), fax: (33) 4 90 31 64 20

Jean-Pierre Wigneron (INRA Scientist, Avignon) received the engineering degree from SupAéro, Toulouse and the Ph. D. degree from the University of Toulouse (1993). His research interest is primarily in the applications of passive and active microwave remote sensing technique for monitoring soil moisture, vegetation characteristics and water transfers over the land surface. He has developed theoretical models and retrieval approaches in the field of microwave radiometry. He also investigated coupling between remote sensing data and soil -vegetation-atmosphere transfer (SVAT) models.

He was co-investigator of several ground and airborne experiments, using the multi-frequency radiometer PORTOS over the INRA Avignon test site (PORTOS-91, -93, 96), over agricultural sites near Avignon, and forest sites in Les Landes (PORTOS-94). He coordinated with IROE (Firenze, Italy), the passive measurements during the ReSeDA program.

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Wigneron J.-P., Chanzy A., Calvet J.-C. and N. Bruguier (1995), 'A simple algorithm to retrieve soil moisture and vegetation biomass using passive microwave measurements over crop fields', Remote Sens. Environ. 51:331-341

Wigneron J.-P., Calvet J.-C. and Y. Kerr (1996), 'Monitoring water interception by crop fields from passive microwave observations', Agric. Forest Meteor., 80:177-194.

Wigneron J.-P., Combal B., Wegmüller U. and M. Mätzler (1996), 'Estimation of microwave parameters of crops from radiometric measurements', Int J. of Rem. Sens., 14:2875-2880.

Wigneron J.-P., Guyon D., Calvet J.-C., Courrier G. and N. Bruguier (1997), 'Monitoring coniferous forest characteristics using a multi-frequency (5-90GHz) microwave radiometer ', Remote Sens. Environ. 60:299-310.

Role in the SMOS mission:

I will participate to the coordination of the Science Group 'Physics of Measurements' over the Land Surface. The objectives of the group include, (1) a state of the art of the retrieval & modeling approaches at L-and C-band, (2) a definition of the retrieval algorithm, and (3) an analysis of the retrieval capabilities of SMOS, based on the configuration system, in terms of polarization, view angles and frequency bands. In this work the main variables of interest are soil moisture, vegetation hydric status and biomass, and surface temperature.

The development of the retrieval approach will be based on theoretical analyses, data sets from previous experiments (PORTOS -91, 93, 94 in France, and airborne ESTAR campaigns in the USA), and future experiments with the airborne simulator of MIRAS.