Michel Normand
Division Qualité et fonctionnement hydrologique des systèmes aquatiques
BP 44 - 92163 ANTONY cedex, France
Tel : (33) 1 40 96 60 54
Fax : (33) 1 40 96 61 99
E-mail : michel.normand@cemagref.fr

Michel Normand, received the PhD degree in Hydrology from the Paris University (France), in 1966. He is research scientist with CEMAGREF, the French institute of agricultural and environmental engineering research in Antony. His major area of interest is applications of remote sensing to soil moisture, hydrology and water resources. He as been involved in numerous radar remote sensing experiments or projects : Agriscatt'88, Erasme 89, MacHydro 91, SIR-C/X-SAR 94. During the 1992-1994 period, he as been working, for hydrological modeling purposes, on the retrieval of soil moisture using ERS1/SAR and thermal infrared data over Brittany in the framework of an ESA/ERS1 pilot-project. Since 1995, he is involved in new projects over the Orgeval catchment using ERS1-2 and RADARSAT data in the framework of ESA and ADRO projects and over the Seine basin in the framework of the european CEO AIMWATER project.

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Role in the SMOS mission:

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