Ola M. Johannessen
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre
Edv. Griegsvei 3a
N-5037 Solheimsviken
Tel: 47 55 297288
Fax: 47 55 200050
e-mail: ola.johannessen@nrsc.no

Ola M. Johannessen has more that 20 years experience in satellite remote sensing in various fields such as coastal and deep sea oceanography, ice research, climate, marine biology, surface oil pollution, natural oil seepage and operational ice monitoring and forecasting. He has expertise in process studies of ocean fronts, eddies, vortex pairs, ice edge upwelling, internal waves, turbulence studies in the boundary layer above and below the ice, chimneys, deep water formation, CO2 uptake by the ocean and CO2 injections in the ocean. Recently, he has also worked with ambient noise, acoustic propagation including acoustic tomography and acoustic thermometry for ocean climate work. He is the author and co-author of more than 300 scientific publications and reports. Presently he is elected member of the ESA "Earth Science Advisory Committee", the "Norwegian Advisory and Coordination Committee for Earth Observation" and several other committees.

NERSC is interested to participate in the algorithm development for Sea Surface Salinity derived from SMOS data and will conduct validation experiments for the SSS data using field observations from the research vessel "Håkon Mosby". NERSC intends to use SSS data from space in conjuction with global ocean models: both in assessment of model results and for data assimilation in such models to improve the model performance. Will also investigate use of SMOS in sea ice monitoring and in soil moisture studies at high latitudes.

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Johannessen, O. M., W . J. Campbell, R. Shuchman, S. Sandven, P. Gloersen, J. A. Johannessen, E. G. Josberger and P. M. Haugan. Microwave study programs of air-ice-ocean interactive processes in the seasonal ice zone of the Greenland and Barents seas. Chapter 13 in Microwave Remote Sensing of Sea Ice (Editor F. Carsey) AGU Geophysical Monograph 68, pp. 261 - 289, 1992.

Johannessen, O.M., S. Sandven and J.A. Johannessen. Eddy-related winter convection in the Boreas basin. In J.-C. Gascard & P.C. Chu (Ed.): "Deep convection and deep water formation in the oceans". Elsevier, 1991.

Johannessen, O.M., J.A. Johannessen, E. Svendsen, R. Shuchman, T. Manley, W.J. Campbell and E.G. Josberger. Ice-edge Eddies in the Fram Strait Marginal Ice Zone. Science, Vol. 236, April 1987.

NORCSEX Group: O.M. Johannessen and W.J. Campbell coordinators. Farrelly, B.A., J.A. Johannessen, O.M. Johannessen, E. Svendsen, K. Kloster, I. Horjen, C. Mätzler, W.J. Campbell, J. Crawford, R. Harrington, L. Jones, C. Swift, V.E. Delnore, D. Cavalieri, P. Gloersen, S.V. Hsiao, O. H. Shemdin, T.W. Thomson and R.O. Ramseier. Norwegian Remote Sensing Experiment in a Marginal Ice Zone. Science, (Article) vol. 220, no. 4599, 20 May, 1983.

Role in the SMOS mission:

Algorithm development for SSS and validation of algorithms for high latitude oceans using ship observations.