Pierre-Louis Frison
18, av. E. Belin
31 401 Toulouse Cedex 4 - France
Tel : +33-5 61 55 85 37
Fax : +33-5 61 55 85 00
Email: frison@cesbio.cnes.fr

M.Sc and PhD. Degrees in remote sensing of the biosphere in 1993 and 1997 respectively, from the Paul Sabatier university of Toulouse. He worked on ERS wind scatterometer potentialities for land surface monitoring. He is currently involved in synergy studies between active and passive microwave spaceborne data to retrieve vegetation and soil moisture parameters over land surfaces.

Frison P.L. Mougin E., Hiernaux P., 1998, Observations and interpretation of seasonnal ERS-1 Wind scatterometer response over the Sahel. Rem. Sens. of Environment, vol. 18, 233-242.

Frison P.L. and Mougin E., 1996, Monitoring global vegetation dynamics with ERS-1 wind scatterometer data. Int. J. Remote Sensing, vol. 17, n° 16, 3201-3218.

Frison P.L. and Mougin E., 1996: Use of ERS-1 Wind scatterometer data over land surfaces. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, vol. 34, n° 2, 550-560.

Mougin E., Lopes A., Frison P. L., Proisy C., 1995: Preliminary analysis of ERS-1 Wind Scatterometer data over land surfaces. Int. J. Remote Sensing, vol. 16, n°2, 391-398.

Role in the SMOS mission:

He is interesting in of surface parameters retrieval. Especially, he will investigate the synergistical use of SMOS with other spatial sensors such as SSM/I and wind scatterometers to improve the estimation of vegetation and soil moisture over land surfaces.