Pavel Kabat
Department of Water Management
Section Land use, hydrology and climate
DLO Winand Staring Centre
PO Box 125
6700 AC Wageningen
tel: (31) 317 474304
fax: (31) 317 424812

Pavel Kabat is senior researcher with a focus on hydrology and hydrometeorology; soil water dynamics, micrometeorology, measurements & modelling of land -atmosphere exchange processes and on the global and climate change. (Co)-author of over 80 publications, including four books. Member of 3 editorial boards, (co)editor of four special issues of peer reviewed international journals. He is chairing the GEWEX ISLSCP and IGBP BACH core projects. He is also a regular invited speaker at international symposia and was/is involved in planning and execution of international land surface experiments.

Kabat, P., Hutjes, R.W.A. and Feddes, R.A., 1997. The scaling characteristics of soil parameters: from plot scale heterogeneity to subgrid parameterization. Journal of Hydrology. Special issue on Aggregated Descriptions of Heterogeneous Land - Covers: Vol. 190/3-4.

Kabat, P. , A.J. Dolman and J.A. Elbers, 1997. Evaporation, sensible heat and surface conductance of fallow savanna and patterned woodland in the Sahel. Journal of Hydrology, Vol 188/189.

Moncrieff, J.B., P. Kabat & others, 1997. A system to measure surface fluxes of momentum, sensible heat flux, water vapour and carbon dioxide. Journal of Hydrology, Vol 188/189.

Prince,S.D., P. Kabat & others, 1995. Geographical, Biological and Remote Sensing Aspects of the Hydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment in the Sahel (HAPEX-Sahel). Remote Sensing of the Environment, 51, 215-234

Kabat, P. & al, 1995. Regionalization and parameterization of exchange processes at the land surface-atmosphere interface. In: Zwerver et al (eds): Climate change research. Evaluation and Policy Implications. Elsevier. : 421-424.

Role in the SMOS mission:

Our interest would be soil moisture retrieval through SVAT modelling (GSWP) for Europe using aggregated soil hydraulic parameters (some scaling thus as well) and ECMWF and where possible satellite forcing data.