Peter J. van Oevelen
Department of Environmental Sciences
Subdepartment of Water Resources
Wageningen Agricultural University
Nieuwe Kanaal 11,
6709 PA Wageningen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)317 484288
Fax: +31 (0)317 484885

Peter J. van Oevelen was born in Oudenbosch, the Netherlands on January 19,1967. In August 1991 he received his degree in agricultural engineering (spec. hydrology and remote sensing) from the Wageningen Agricultural University (WAU), Wageningen. In 1991 he also worked for the FAO as a technical expert on CROPWAT a model that calculates the crop water requirements for irrigation purposes. From 1992 until 1996 he was a Ph.D. student at the department of Water Resources, WAU. Currently he is finishing his PhD thesis and is working as a research associate at the same department, his tasks are lecturing and perform research. His research activities involve the use of remote sensing in agrohydrology with special emphasis on the estimation of parameters of interest to agrohydrology (e.g. soil moisture using microwave instruments, vegetation parameters using optical and microwave data). He has been Co- and Principal investigator in various field experiments (HAPEX-Sahel, FOREST-Dynamo, Washita'94 and Southern Great Plains `97) and is currently project manager for various projects (e.g. RESYSMED, BCRS-EOS) carried out a the department. In 1994 he received a Fulbright scholarship for one year to work with Prof. Kavvas at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of California, Davis (USA) on stochastic methods in hydrology. Since 1996 he is the representative for the Netherlands with the EC for COST-Action 712 Microwave radiometry.

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Chanzy, A, T.J. Schmugge, J.-C. Calvet, Y. Kerr, P.J. van Oevelen, O. Grosjean and J.R. Wang, 1997. Airborne microwave radiometry on a semi arid area during HAPEX-Sahel. J. Hydrology, 188-189 Special Issue on HAPEX-Sahel, p. 285-309.

Van Oevelen, P.J. and T.J. Schmugge, 1997. Remote sensing of soil moisture and temperature. Pp 74-85. In Hydrologic Atmospheric Pilot Experiment in the Sahel (HAPEX-Sahel); Methods, measurement and selected results from the West Central Supersite. P. Kabat, S.D. Prince and L. Prihodko (Eds.), Report 130, SC-DLO, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Van Oevelen, P.J. and D.H. Hoekman, 1998. Radar backscatter inversion techniques for estimation of surface soil moisture: EFEDA-Spain and HAPEX-Sahel case studies. Accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens.

Van Oevelen, P.J., 1998. Bridging the differences in spatial variabillity of soil moisture observed by point and remote sensing measuring techniques. Special Issue of Hydrological Sciences Journal on "Monitoring and modelling of soil moisture, integration over time and space". Hydrological Sciences Journal 43(4) pp: 511-520

Role in the SMOS mission:

He is interested in the combined use of passive and active microwave technqiues for hydrological purposes and in particlular in the use of microwave data for upscaling of soil moisture fields, incorporation and assimilation of microwave brightness temperatures in Numerical weather prediction models and mesoscale hydrological models.