Ragab Ragab
Institute of Hydrology, NERC
OX10 8BB
Tel: 0044-1491-838800
Tel(Direct) 00-44-1491-692303
Fax: 0044-1491-692424
e-mail: R.Ragab@ua.wnl.ac.uk

The Institute of Hydrology, members took part in ERS-1, ERS-2 and about to start AIMWATER: Analysis, Investigation and Monitoring of Water resources, for the management of multi-purpose reservoirs. Interested in remote Sensing and Hydrology studies. They applied Remote sensing in flood detection and soil moisture estimation. They developed instruments for measuring soil moisture and a two-layers model to obtain root zone soil moisture from remotely sensed surface moisture.

Ragab Ragab, Principal Research Scientist ( Soil moisture-Remote sensing, Hydrology, catchment scale modeling, Reservoir's water management ) .

Ragab, R. 1995. Towards a continuous operational system to estimate the root zone soil moisture from intermittent remotely sensed surface moisture. J. of Hydrology. 173: 1-25

Blyth, K., Biggin, D.S., Ragab, R. 1993. ERS-1 SAR for monitoring soil moisture and river flooding. Proc. 2nd ERS-1 Symposium `Space at the service of our Environment, Hamburg, Germany, Oct. 1993. European Space Agency Publication sp. 361. 2:839-844, Nordwijk, The Netherlands.

Stuttard, M., Zmuda, A., Bird, P., Corr, D. Blyth, K, Ragab, R. 1997. Study of spatial and radiometric resolution of space-borne SAR data for hydrological applications. Progress Report 3. Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, UK. Pp 1-49