20th SMOS SAG meeting - 2/3 Nov - ESAC, Villafranca , Spain

- Starting: 2Nov - 09:00

Draft Agenda:

1. Welcome and Introduction - Objectives - Approval of the draft agenda - Actions from the previous meeting


2. Reporting on on-going activities

Status report of the Project (A Hahne)

•  SMOS SMOS Status-AH.ppt

•  GS implementation status (N Wright)

GRound segment and DPGS_N-Wright.ppt
SMOS L2 processors-S_Delwart.pdf

•  L1 processor development status (M. Zundo)

•  L2 processor development status with emphasis on the Quality Review 1 and the foreseen validation activities ( S Delwart , YKerr, JFont),


On-going / planned study activities

•  SM network (P v Oevelen) Soil Moisture Network PvOevelen.ppt

•  SMOS toolbox (J Benveniste) SMOS-SAG20-061102-Toolbox-SUITS-benveniste.ppt


3. Discussion on CEC functionality

•  Under this agenda point it is is planned to discuss the functionality of the CEC based on a report of planned activities ( S Delwart , A Hahne, N. Wright)

•  What is planned, what is expected, what can be the SAG inputs etc…

4. coSMOS status and next steps

•  report on the status of the data pre-processing of the coSMOS-SM and coSMOS-OS data ( N Skou )

COSMOS_summary_SAG_-Niels Skou.pps

•  Y. Kerr, N. Reul and J. Font will report on the on-going and planned scientific analysis, data processing/ evaluation from Nafe and OS


•  Goal: update, find gaps if any, discuss when and where could first results be presented to the scientific public and or be implemented in algo val plans

5. Airborne demonstrators - first results/limitation/discussion

•  quality performance of the AMIRAS and HUT-2D airborne demonstrators by

•  Isabel Cabeza, CASA, Spain

Galaxy and sunrise.avi

Pensaari v4.avi

•  Kimmo Rautiainen, HUT, Finland

HUT 2D animation.avi

•  report on the including first results obtained from test flights. The presentations shall also cover specific aircraft charcateristics and limitations as input for the discussions under agenda campaigns

•  Goal: give a comprehensive reporting on where we are, in terms of instrument performance, data processing, and initial results.

•  HUT should as well recapitulate on the aircraft and its capabilities and limitations (M Hallikainen). HUT 2D Flight options M. Hallikainen.ppt

6. Needs for SMOS Cal/Val - discussion on future campaigns

•  Following the airborne instrument presentations, it is planned to discuss in detail future campaign needs for the SMOS cal/val.


•  What are the priorities, from the processor development and validation point of view, for future campaigns, what needs to be done/organised (ground data, logistics, timing constraints, etc.)


7. OS Assimilation

•  D Stammer agreed to present and discuss possible OS assimilation schemes with the group

SSS_assimilation- D Stammer.ppt

8. AOB

•  SMOS IEEE TGARS Special Issue,

•  the Data AO preparation

•  Needs and plans for future WSs (Cal/Val WS, Science WS, German User WS, Chinese SMOS WS....)?

•  Topics of the next SAG

•  SAG meeting format

•  Finalisations of the NRT recom

•  Questions to SAG