Sentinel-2 to monitor forest fires in Siberia?

At the beginning of summer, a colleague in Igarka (Maxime Deschuyteneer ?) informed me on 20th of July that a forest fire up to the city was responsible, according to him, of “a small greenhouse effect that make you cough”…Indeed, forest fires are recurring problems in Central Siberia, mainly during June and July because of a sharp increase of temperatures. These fires have widely increased last years and the year 2016 would be the most “blazed” of history since, according to GreenPeace Russia, 3.5 million ha of forests have been burnt1, as big as seven French departments! On 24th September, NASA has also published an Aqua MODIS scene from 18th September 2016 showing huge plumes moving towards North East of Russia as well as zones (in red) where the satellite has detected unusual warm temperatures associated with fire2. The extent of MODIS image on the map of concentrations of aerosols allows presenting the scale of the phenomenon.


(at the top)- NASA’s Aqua satellite scene (MODIS) showing huge plumes2; (at the bottom) – Map of concentration of aerosols2

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TOMCAR-Sat : Remote Sensing on the Yenisei river!

Since October 2015, the TOMCAR-Sat project aims to use high resolution satellite products to monitor Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) fluxes on the Arctic river Yenisei. Specifically, its objectives consist to calibrate a DOC retrieval model from time-series of satellite images and to characterize dynamics of the factors that may affect DOC concentrations, i.e. the snow cover and vegetation.


Spot 5 Take 5 (03/06/2015) - Yenisei river (Igarka, Russia)

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