[MUSCATE News] Reprocessing of Sentinel-2B data aquired from July to October 2017


MUSCATE is in a good shape these days thznkd to the continuous efforts of the development team (CNES and CAP GEMINI) who solved several issues. The counter of Sentinel-2 Level 2A products reached 70 000 products this night, just one month after reaching 60000. If we sum all the products delivered by MUSCATE, we are reaching 99 000 images. MUSCATE also distributes Sentinel-2 Snow masks over mountains, and Spot World Heritage data (old SPOT data reprocessed after ortho-rectification.and made available for free).


This good shape allows us to increase our production rhythm. We have started processing the Sentinel-2B data acquired between July and October 2017, as we had started processing S2B in November 2017 only. But since MAJA is a multi-temporal processor, we are in fact starting a complete reprocessing of the data, including S2A and S2B. The quality of S2A products should therefore also benefit from the improved repetitivity of observations.


This reprocessing will last several weeks. We are starting with data from France and will go on with our neighbouring European countries, then sites in Maghreb, the remaining sites of Africa, and finally, the rest of the sites in the world.


In case you have an urgent need for some tiles, please ask ! (of course, it is only applicable to the tiles already in our list)




Realease of old SPOT Archive data
Fourniture d'anciennes données d'archive SPOT

Several months ago, CNES had announced the future release of SPOT Archive data older than 5 years, In the framework of the so-called SPOT World Heritage project (SWH), the first batch of SWH products has just been released, the MUSCATE Theia distribution center : https://theia.cnes.fr.


This first batch contains 15000 images taken above France with less than 50% of cloud cover, but it will quickly increase. For more information, see the post on Theia website.


Il y a quelques mois, le CNES avait annoncé la mise à disposition de données SPOT d'archive acquises depuis plus de 5 ans. Dans le cadre de ce projet nommé SPOT World Heritage (SWH), un premier lot de données vient d'être diffusé sur l'atelier de distribution https://theia.cnes.fr


Ce premier lot contient 15000 images prises en France avec moins de 50% de couverture nuageuse. Pour plus d'information, lisez l'article publié sur le site de Theia.