MUSCATE News : 20000 + 93


THEIA passed two new milestones in this beginning of summer :

  • The number of Sentinel-2A Level2A products just passed the 20000 milestone, with the complete collection of French oversea regions, and new sites along the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Mekong rivers. These sites where chosen by a research team from the GET laboratory in Toulouse.

Data are available from

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Nouvelles de MUSCATE : 20000 + 93


Deux évènements à signaler pour le centre de traitement MUSCATE de Theia pour ce début d'été :

Les données sont disponibles sur

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Watching ice shelves break up with Sentinel-1

The animation below shows the evolution of Thwaites glacier eastern ice shelf in West Antarctica, from July 2016 to May 2017. I made it with 45 quicklooks of Sentinel-1 radar images processed by the Alaska Satellite Facility and available via the vertex data portal. All images were acquired in interferometric wide swath mode (polarization HH, only ascending passes, path: 65, frame: 914) and projected to ground range.

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Last Sunday's snow cover map from Sentinel-2

We know that fast distribution of satellite products is critical for many applications, including the planning of your next weekend.


Olivier just announced that Theia is now delivering Sentinel-2 Level 2A data in near real time. This is great because today I was able to make the snow cover map of the Pyrenees on Sunday at 20-m resolution.


The L2A image was actually published on Tuesday afternoon so I could have posted this snow map two days ago.

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2016/17 : un record d’écobuages dans les Pyrénées ?

Image du 10 décembre 2016Image SENTINEL2 du 30 novembre 2016, "SWIR"
Mais que se passe-t-il ce 10 décembre 2016 à midi, au-dessus du village de Villelongue (à 15 kilomètres au sud de Lourdes) ? Un des plus beaux écobuages des Hautes-Pyrénées de cet hiver 2016/17 ! Une très large bande de feu actif se dirige vers le sud. Ce feu a démarré la veille d’après les contacts terrain. En 2 jours, une grande zone a donc déjà été brulée. La répétitivité de SENTINEL2 permet d'observer la même scène quelques jours avant et après ce feu.

The land cover classification for France in 2016 is available



just this once, we are ahead of time. Well, nearly. We had promised the 2016 land cover map or France before the end of first term of 2017. It exists and is available here. It's resolution is 10m, with the same 17 classes nomenclature that we used for Landsat landcover map of 2014..

The map is mainly based on the Sentinel-2 data acquired from end 2015 to end 2016, but we have also processed the LANDSAT 8 data.  We will provide some details below.

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