Theia releases Sentinel-2A L2A data over Morocco


After France, Belgium, North of Spain, Tunisia, a transect from Burkina Faso to Mali and some tiles in Ethiopia, Theia just released the production of one year of Sentinel-2A data at Level 2A above a large region of Morocco, from Ouarzazate to Casablanca. Level 2A products provide surface reflectances corrected from atmospheric effects, with a high quality cloud mask.


The L2A data are, as always, available from Please refer to the help page to find the data format description. To download the data without a click, you may use our python download tool (after having registered on Theia's site).

Once again, this production was not an easy one, as our new CNES cluster suffered again from slowness. But the good news is that the technical teams found a better tuning to ensure a more steady production, and seem to have found a way to solve the issue, that will be installed next Tuesday.

L2A quicklook obtained over Morocco (Tile 30STA) on the 20th of November 2016. Automatically detected clouds are circled in green, shadows in yellow, water in blue and snow in pink (there is some snow on high altitude ridges). Note that the same detection thresholds are used all over the world, for instance over dark Mediterranean forests or bright Moroccan arid lands. Cloud shadow detection is not fully perfect though, but it really is difficult...




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