Last Sunday's snow cover map from Sentinel-2

We know that fast distribution of satellite products is critical for many applications, including the planning of your next weekend.


Olivier just announced that Theia is now delivering Sentinel-2 Level 2A data in near real time. This is great because today I was able to make the snow cover map of the Pyrenees on Sunday at 20-m resolution.


The L2A image was actually published on Tuesday afternoon so I could have posted this snow map two days ago.

You can look at a simplified version of this snow map in Google maps here. For example you can check the snow conditions in Baqueira...

Baquiera snow cover on 16 Apr 2017

Baqueira snow cover on 16 Apr 2017 from Sentinel-2 (note that the original snow cover polygon was simplified with a 100 m tolerance here)


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