THEIA distributes L2A Sentinel-2 data over Spain and Netherlands in near real time.

=>  Sentinel-2 data acquired above Spain and Netherlands are now available on Theia website! Portugal was already available. We also completed the little part of Belgium that was missing. The level 2A product provides surface reflectances with a good cloud and shadows mask. The processing is done at CNES, within MUSCATE facility, using the MAJA software, developed by CNES, CESBIO and DLR.


The production started with data acquired in December 2016, and will go on in near real time. Moreover, some regions in the North or Spain, or near Portugal were processed from December 2015. The data format is described here.


We would be very thankful if users in Spain or Netherlands could help us spread the news among remote sensing users in these two countries. Yes, I know, this holiday period is not the best one to spread news...


Here is an example of the time series available over Cadix in Spain. The clouds are circled in green and shadows in yellow. I have to say that Holland does not benefit from as many cloud free images as that region.




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