200 000 Sentinel-2 L2A and L3A products in Theia catalog


THEIA MUSCATE production center passed a new milestone during the night of the 26th to 27th of June 2019. There are now 200 000 Sentinel-2 L2A and L3A products in our catalog generated with MAJA. It had taken two years and half to pass the 100000 products milestone last august, but it took less than a year to double that number. This is a proof that our production system is now mature and robust, even if it still requires a lot of work from the exploitation team, which we thank a lot for their hard work !


But as you can see below, if the  number of Sentinel-2 products is the highest, and also the most downloaded by far, the catalogue has grown a lot, and the number of products we provide to the users is steadily increasing. We will soon tell you about the water quality product that just appeared at the end of the list.



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