Major changes for Venµs data processing

We are about to implement a major change in the ground segment of VENµS. Until now, L1C and L2A products were produced in the Venµs Image Processing (VIP) center, and imported into THEIA catalog. Next week, this will be changed.


L1C products will still be produced by the VIP, but the L2A will be generated by MUSCATE center within Theia. Moreover, it will soon be possible to generate L3A products which are bi-weekly composites of cloud free surface reflectances. And the cherry on the cake, all these products will be delivered at 5m resolution, while the L2A products were only available at 10m resolution.


This change comes with some drawbacks for users : the formats will slightly change to keep homogeneity between all the products distributed by MUSCATE.

  • the metadata format is different, the keywords have changed.
  • the images are still provided with TIFF format, but there is now one file per band. For L2A only, The scaling factor has changed, it is now 10000, as for Sentinel-2.
  • the L2A resolution is now 5m !
  • the grid used corresponds to that of Sentinel-2, you only have to account for the upper left origin of each site to obtain the registration of the images. No reprojection and no resampling is necessary.


These changes will be first applied to the real time processing, but the whole archive will be reprocessed later on.


A description of the new formats is provided in the following references :


During a few days, both versions will coexist in Theia distribution server. The new products contain the "_XS_" string in their filenames, so they are easy to recognise.


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