India water crisis: Sentinel-1 detects surface water, ForEarth app restitutes and shares water stresses

In the framework of an open call Science4society funded by ESA, researchers at CESBIO have implemented a surface water detection algorithm from radar data Sentinel-1 on a cloud computing system. An API developed by Geomatys and JeoBrowser, two IT companies in France, is used to send the resulting surface water masks to a smartphone App named ForEarth, which display the surface water fluctuation in time for Indian regions.

The beta version is available on PlayStore and displays statistics and water masks for the Hyderabad region, Telangana, India.

The Hyderabad area has been processed. rest of India will be processed soon

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The radar data are able to monitor for any weather the numerous small surface water reservoirs that are used for agriculture as well as the biggest dammed reservoirs used for both irrigation and domestic water.

The Hyderabad area has been processed. rest of India will be processed soon

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The application aims at providing a domestic or agricultural shortage alert system based on surface water fluctuation for lay users.

It quantifies the surface water fluctuation as a proxy of water stress for Hyderabad domestic water.

The beta version will be replaced by an improved version based on the feedback of urban lay users located in Hyderabad. It is planned to deploy the algorithm over South India.

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