SPOT4 (Take5) Licence

CNES and Astrium Geo (Spotimage) have agreed to distribute the SPOT4 (Take5) data with a very open license, which was just released.


As always with the elaboration of legal agreements, the process was rather long and complicated, but here, the result is very positive. If I understand correctly (you'd better read the document, which is the only official version), anyone can use this data with the following few conditions:

  • use must be conducted within the SPOT4 (Take5) project  framework,  to prepare for the use Sentinel-2 data.
  • the data can not be resold, even after minor changes (this is normal, as they are freely available!)
  • services can be marketed from these data, in the frame of SPOT4 (Take5) project, to prefigure the use of Sentinel-2 data.
  • users must inform the CNES of how they use the data, and address any publication using these data to olivier.hagolle% and sylvia.sylvander


The document is here: License SPOT4 (Take5)

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