A SPOT4(Take5) meeting at CNES, on October the 2nd.


CNES is organizing a one day meeting about SPOT4(Take5) on October the 2nd, in its premises in Toulouse.


This meeting is aimed at explaining how the experiment turned out and at presenting the available data set. These presentations wil take place during the morning and the afternoon will be dedicated to presentations of users projects and eventually their first results. Questions/answers sessions will also be organized.


Because of CNES security rules, this meeting is only open to persons having a passport from one of the European Union countries. Otherwise a 2 month delay is necessary, which is no possible here.If you are interested, you will need to send an email before September the 17th, to sylvia.sylvander @ cnes.fr (mentioning your name, nationality and affiliation). If you would like to present your project with SPOT4(Take5) data, please also mention the title of your presentation.


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