SPOT4 (Take5) users's day presentations

Voici les présentations de la Journée SPOT4 (Take5) du 2 octobre, qui a réuni une centaine de personnes au CNES pour faire un bilan des acquisitions et des produits distribués, et prendre connaissance des premiers retours des utilisateurs. J'en profite pour remercier les deux organisatrices, Sylvia Sylvander et Danielle Barrère, du CNES (DCT/ME/OT), les 23 orateurs qui nous ont proposé de brillantes présentations, et le photographe (Gérard Dedieu) qui n'a oublié que 3 orateurs.


J'ai rédigé pour le CNES un bref compte rendu en Français. Pour voir les présentations, cliquez sur les liens dans le tableau ci dessous.


Here are the presentations from SPOT4 (Take5) users day on October the 2nd. 100 people attended this meeting at CNES, which aimed at making an assessment of the acquisition and products, and obtain a first feedback from users. I would like to thank a lot the two organizers, Sylvia Sylvander and Danielle Barrère from CNES, the 23 speakers, who delivered brilliant presentations, and the photographer (Gerard Dedieu), who only forgot 3 speakers.


The table below gives access to all the slides of the presentations.



O. Marsal

CNES Introduction
S. Sylvander CNES Preparation and progress of Take 5 experiment
O. Hagolle CNES/CESBIO Justification of Take 5 experiment, site selection and data access
M. Leroy CNES The THEIA Land Data Centre
O. Hagolle CNES/CESBIO First results
M. Claverie NASA GSFC Consistency of SPOT4 (Take 5) surface reflectance data: Comparison with MODIS surface reflectance data.
C. Szczypta CESBIO Application of remote sensing to snow modelling in the Pyrenees
JP. Dedieu LTHE/CNRS Grenoble Snow cover monitoring in the French Alps
B. Koetz ESA ESA preparatory activities for Sentinel-2 exploitation - Agriculture, Land Cover Change, Costal Monitoring & Forest Mapping
C. Corbane / F. Güttler UMR TETIS Contribution of remote sensing data with high repetitivity for the identification and monitoring of natural habitats - Application to Lower Aude Valley Natura 2000 site.
A. Govind INRA/Bordeaux High resolution mapping of LAI using SPOT-4 data for spatially explicit modeling of Carbon and Water Fluxes in the Landes de Gascogne
D. Jacques UCL Preparing for the exploitation of Sentinel-2 observations for agriculture monitoring
V. Gond CIRAD Phenological monitoring of tropical forest ecosystems (North of Congo)
E. Bartholome JRC First observations from SPOT 4 Take 5 data over intertropical regions

A. Jacquin / A. Roumiguié

EI Purpan Use of multitemporal series of high and medium spatial resolution for forest and biomass monitoring
D. Courault INRA Monitoring of the evolution of agri-hydrosystems in a mediterranean region
V. Lafon EPOC, Univ. Bordeaux Contribution of Sentinel-2 to coast management
S. Battiston SERTIT First results of Take Five experiments over the Alsatian Plain (France) and Chinese lakes in term of biodiversity, forestry and hydrology
M. Le Page CESBIO, UCAM, ORMVAH, INAT Preliminary results of a real time irrigation experiment in Morocco and first results in Tunisia
M. Battude CESBIO Contribution of optical multitemporal satellite imagery for the cartography of irrigated areas
Y. Justeau Exelis VIS Take 5 GeoProcessing with ENVI Services Engine
D. Giaccobo ASTRIUM-GEO Potential use of Take5 data for the ESA DREAM Data Quality Web Service

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