Express your needs concerning agriculture monitoring using Sentinel-2 time series


As you may know, we have been selected for ESA's project "Sentinel-2 Agriculture".  Among the tasks we must fulfill, we have to ask the users about their needs concerning the use of Sentinel-2 time series to monitor agriculture, and of course we need to write a synthesis.


ESA had already distributed a questionnaire at the S2 symposium in 2012, which was used as a basis to define the Sen2Agri project. My revered colleague (and boss) Gérard Dedieu, just cooked a new detailed survey form. If you are a potential user of remote sensed images for agriculture monitoring,  you are very welcome to fill this survey.


Although the baseline of SenAgri products was already defined in the call for tender, your answers will be very useful to detail the product requirements, and to forward your needs to ESA and other space agencies, and to define the next versions of our products.


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