How to download automatically a large number of LANDSAT Level 2A files produced at THEIA.


This post is no longer up to date. Please use the following pages :


Until the shopping basket feature in the LANDSAT 8 data server at THEIA is ready, here is a short user manual on how to automatically download large numbers of LANDSAT tiles.

  1. Download the DownThemAll plugin for Firefox.
  2. Log in
  3. Enter your request, for instance "LANDSAT8 july 2013"
  4. Add "&maxRecords=500", at the end of the URL :, to raise the maximum number of image per page to 500
  5. Click right on "DownThemAll". Enter your download directory in "Save files in", and in "quick filtering", add *download.  Select  "discard other filters", Add "*name*.tgz" in the renaming mask, then click on start.
  6. All the files are downloaded.

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