SPOT5 (TAKE5) call for sites is out

Two good pieces of news for those of you who would like to submit a site for SPOT5 (TAKE5):


  • The SPOT5 (TAKE5) project is now fully approved by ESA and CNES, thanks to the recent approbation by ESA's Program Board on Earth Observation, and after CNES green light signal. Data will be acquired from April to August 2015.
  • SPOT5 (Take5) call for sites has been issued by ESA. As I told you before, the deadline is very close : December 8th ! Before submitting a site, please check if it is not in the list of sites already selected by ESA for their own projects, or among the sites selected by CNES (see illustration). However, ESA advises that even if your site is on ESA's list, it is better to submit a proposal, to add extra priority to the site in case of a technical conflict between neighbouring sites.

12 Sites already selected by CNES for its own projects

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