Venµs 140 - 75 SPOT5 (Take5)


It might look like a basket ball score, but it is only the number of proposals received for VENµS and SPOT5 (Take5) calls. One day before VENµS's deadline, on February the 16th, it looked like it would end as a draw, but 60 proposals were received on the last 24 hours by Gérard Dedieu, VENµS's PI.


In both cases, the number of proposed sites is even higher, since many proposals ask for several sites, sometimes up to ten, and I am afraid we will not be able to select all of them.

  • The 62 proposals received at ESA, plus the 13 received at CNES, were analysed and their accessibility is now being checked.
  • For VENµS, we are going to start reading. Great, I only have 139 proposals to read left...

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