Updated SPOT5 (Take5) acquisition calendar

Update : I was wrong, 8th of September is a day #1 (one day error for me, one for the operation team). Calendar has been updated. Sorry !

I have added a calendar page to the SPOT(Take5) menu, which gives you the day number in the take5 cycle for each SPOT5 (Take5) site, and gives you the date the first first day of the cycle for each month.

The acquisitions start on the 8th of April, which is a day #1, until the 8th of September, which is a day #4.


J'ai ajouté une page "calendrier" dans le menu SPOT (Take5), qui vous donne le numéro du jour dans le cycle Take5 pour chaque site SPOT5 (Take5), et vous donne la date du premier premier jour du cycle.

Les acquisitions commencent le 8 avril (jour n°1) et se terminent le 8 septembre (jour n°4).

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