SPOT5 (TAKE5) data production schedule

The processing of SPOT5 (Take5) data is based on a prototype ground segment and involves prototype processors, and we have lots of configuration data to produce for each of the 150 sites. Moreover,  to reduce exploitation costs, the processing at Airbus DS for Level 1A, and then at CNES (L1C and L2A) are launched only once a week. And finally the production of level 2A  based on multi-temporal algorithms requires an initialization with one month of data. We also need to set the new distribution server up.


That's why we need two months after the first acquisitions to start distributing the data, which means that the data should be released before end of June (with some margins). After this initialization period, we should be able to deliver the data on the website 3 weeks after their acquisition.


Given the amount of work needed to do that, delays are possible.



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