Several SPOT5 (Take5) scenes were lost


Summary : all the SPOT5 (Take5) scenes acquired from May the 29th to June the 2nd were lost. All sites are affected. Please accept our apologies ! A few other dates were also lost, see the list below.


Usually, users of satellite images are not aware of all the work to maintain, program, configure a satellite. As everything works usually well, it looks as if it was easy, but it is not easy, all the more on an old system such as SPOT5.


On Tuesday, the data acquired from the 29th of May to the second of June were downloaded from the satellite to the Toulouse receiving station, but for a complex reason, the station did not acquire the data and the data are lost. They correspond to a whole cycle of SPOT5 (Take5) acquisitions for all the sites : we hope users will accept our apologies, especially if they went on the field to obtain in-situ measurements. A closer monitoring has been installed at AIRBUS Defence and space to avoid this glitch to happen again.


We also lost 15 images, as one of the recording channels (Channel 4) failed when recording the images without notice. Luckily, this channel is only used when data recording is done at the same time as data download to ground station. The programming team will avoid this kind of situation from now on. Once again, we feel sorry for the users of these sites and hope those images were cloudy.


List of sites affected whose data were lost

2015/04/28 LakeBalatonHungary, StitnaCzech, Foggia_Italia
2015/05/13 LakeBalatonHungary, StitnaCzech, Foggia_Italia
2015/05/21 ArlesFrance, EcrinsFrance, FigueresSpain, GlacierPlaineMorteSwitzerland, OstergotlandSweden, HettstedtGermany, HyltemossaFajemyrSweden, SodankylaFinland, KranzbergerGermany
2015/05/29 - 2015/06/02 All sites


CNES and AIRBUS operation teams reacted quickly, identified the issues and put in place corrective measures efficiently, and we need to thank them !

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