Release of SPOT (Take5) L1C data

The SPOT5 (Take5) L1C data acquired before the 3rd of June have just been uploaded to

If you are interested in atmospherically corrected data, with a good cloud mask, please wait for a few more days, as the level 2A production of the same data is also ready and being prepared for upload to the server too.


The file format for both Level 1C and Level 2A is available here.

Some explanations on how the the distribution server works is available here.

This achievement is the result of the hard work of many at CNES, CESBIO, ESA, whom I already quoted in this blog, but this last stage was done by the MUSCATE TEAM at CNES, among which I would like to thank Karl Rodriguez and Patrick di Giovanni (both from Steria company) for their great work.

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