SPOT5 (Take5) L1C and L2A weekly updated


During the summer, the processing of SPOT5 (Take5) started to be updated weekly by THEIA processing Center in CNES. There is now a production lag of only 3 weeks, and the latest date available on the server was acquired on the 12th of August.


If you have been using these data, and had interesting preliminary results, or if you did an in-situ campaign, it would be very nice to send us your early results to be added on this blog. You just need to send me only one text page with one or two images, either in French or English, I would translate it.


Here is an example of a very interesting time series with the quickest changes I have ever seen. It is due to rice mono culture, in the Shandong region in China. End of May (May the 28th),  the rice is green, end of July (July the 27th), the rice is also green, but meanwhile, it has been cropped and sowed again. With a lower repetitivity, one might miss the images in the middle, and think it is a long lasting crop cycle.


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