Venµs spectral characteristics

Venµs spectral bands

Update: Solar irradiance values have slightly changed (and significantly for band B2)

Here is a text file that provides Venµs spectral responses rep6S

The first column provides the wavelength, in µm, and the successive columns provide the spectral response of each band, from B1 to B12.

Solar Irradiance

The following table provides the Equivalent wavelength of each Venµs channel, and the equivalent irradiance, if you want to convert Venµs reflectances into radiances.

Spectral band Equivalent Solar irradiance (W/m2/µm) Equivalent wavelength(nm)
B1 1661.634 423.9
B2 1954.005 446.9
B3 1990.678 491.9
B4 1830.509 555.0
B5 1669.217 619.7
B6 1670.402 619.5
B7 1510.949 666.2
B8 1428.368 702.0
B9 1290.557 741.1
B10 1163.151 782.2
B11 965.547 861.1
B12 879.865 908.7


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