SPOT4 (Take5) Quicklooks

These links below give you access to pdf files containing the quick-looks of Level 1C data (ortho-rectified images expressed in Top of Atmosphere reflectances), obtained until April 15th (sometimes a few days later). To reduce the data volume, the quick-looks have been undersampled and compressed.


As the processing is hand made, some sites may still be missing, usually because I did an error in one of the configurations files. In some very cloudy sites, only a small number of images is available. This number could increase as our processing parameters allow to ortho-rectify images with a lower number of Ground Control Points.


CNES sites : CAlsace CAquitaine CArdeche CBretagneLoireO BretagneLoireE CChine CCongo CMaroc CProvLanguedocE CProvLanguedocO CSudmipyE CSudmipyO  CTunisie CVersailles CMadagascar


ESA sites : EArgentina EBelgium EChesapeake EChina ECongo EEgypt EEthiopia EGabon EJordan EKorea EMorocco EParaguay ESouthAfrica EUkraine


JRC sites : JAngola JBorneo JBotswana JCameroon JHonduras JSumatra JTanzanie JThailand JZambia


NASA sites : NMaricopa, NSgp


and CCRS sites yet to be produced



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