The research teams



The two CESBIO scientific teams, have complementary themes which corresponds both to the competence of the laboratory and to pressing issues related to the biosphere.

Team 1 :
Functioning of vegetated surfaces modeling and remote sensing of continental surfaces

(Head : Gilles Boulet)

The main objective of the team is to contribute to the understanding of the functioning of continental surfaces and to the study of scenarios of evolution of the continental surfaces (both due to climatic and anthropogenic factors). The approach is based mainly on the fluxes and balances of water, carbon and energy.

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Equipe Données de télédétection et extraction de l'information structurale et fonctionnelle des surfaces

Team 2 :
"Observing Systems": strategies for reporting observations of the complex surfaces

(Head : Mehrez Zribi)

For a better comprehension of the functioning of continental surfaces, to understand how both natural and anthropogenic climatic variations affect the hydrological fluxes and water resources at the heart of terrestrial ecosystems : for a better study of the various scenarii.

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Equipe Modélisation de la composante biosphérique du cycle hydrologique

In order to insure the distribution and the valorisation of the results, the members of the two teams are grouped into three operational projects which support their research, and also which aid in their planning of the development of a spatially explicit surface scheme.


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