Thermal infrared data assimilation into models of energy balance: preparation of the MISTIGRI space mission





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MISTIGRI instrumental concept for high-resolution thermal infrared imaging

Motivation :

High resolution images in the Thermal infrared provide a way to detect irrigated fields, to measure evapo-transpiration and detect plant water stress. Models and algorithms have largely improved to yield very good results. However the only in-orbit satellites providing high resolution images in the thermal infrared domain (Landsat, Aster) are long beyond their design lifetime. Furthermore, they do not provide frequent acquisitions (1 image every 16 days for Landsat and Aster, while 1 image per couple of days would be required to monitor plant water stress). There is indeed a need for high resolution and high repetitivity thermal infrared data for hydrological applications.

CNES carried out a feasibility study of such a mission on a micro satellite. The mission is called MISTIGRI (Micro Satellite for Thermal InfraRed Ground Surface Imaging).

The principal Investigator (P.I.)

of this space mission is Dr. Jean-Pierre Lagouarde (INRA Bordeaux - Ephyse)

Several researchers CESBIO are members of the CNES "Mission Group":

- Gilles Boulet

- Olivier Hagolle

- et GĂ©rard Dedieu














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