Research activities


The objectives of CESBIO are to contribute to the progress in the understanding of the functioning of continental surfaces and their interactions with the climate and man, with an emphasis on the utilization of remotely sensed data. It is imperative to not only develop physical models, but also to be capable to provide scenarios of the evolution of these surfaces and their properties under climatic and anthropic pressures.


CESBIO is organized into two scientific teams , each having a complementary theme which corresponds both to the competence of the laboratory and to pressing issues related to the biosphere.

These teams interact through three large operational projects. These projects permit the development of scientific applications to address the questions posed by the general public, and fosters interactions between the two teams.

And moreover .....

The laboratory also contributes to the development and the promotion of space related tools while participating in the definition, the application and the scientific utilization of space missions.


  • Satellites constitute one of the only available methods for obtaining coherent measures over large areas. These measurements offer, at the same time, the possibilities to follow the evolution of the Earth's surface at various scales, and to aid in the development and the application of process models.
  • Earth observation by satellite instruments is supported by large international programs, such as the PIGB and the PMRC, as a significant component of process studies which permit the construction of spatio-temporal budgets at the planetary scale.
  • At smaller scales, such as field and regional , the original characteristics of space measurements are used for our scientific goals and for the evaluation of renewable resource management. These are the clear scientific objectives which motivate and guide the conception and the development of space missions by CESBIO.




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