The Living Planet Program : Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS)

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CESBIO participation to the activities of the "Centre Aval de Traitement et des Données SMOS" (CATDS)

The data center (CATDS) for SMOS data (level 3 and 4) consists of :

  • the "centre de production et de dissémination des données" (lIFREMER de Brest)
  • the centre d’expertise « humidité des sols » (le CESBIO de Toulouse)
  • the  centre d’expertise « salinité des océans » (l’IFREMER de Brest )


CATDS logos

The CNES is in charge of the CATDS development, this center is dedicated to :

• production and distribution of the SMOS products (level L3/L4).
• re-processing of SMOS data (level L3/L4) when it is necessary.
• development, test and validation of the SMOS processing chains L3/L4 , closely with the scientific community.


Data Processing Ground Segment (DPGS) = ESA center for data production (level 1)
Users :

• response to service requests and information
• data reception for level L3/L4 (network and media) and services

supply of ancillary data, the main supplyer is the "'European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts" (ECMWF);

scientific communauty : it provides expertises, with the help of the " expertise center'" (C-EC) :

• models (testing algorithm)
• specifications of the"algorithm theoritical baseline document" (ATBD)
• tests and evaluations of SMOS data at the C-EC

C-PDC / C-EC : expertise and production centers

involved in the development of CATDS:

  • System Architecture: Atos Origin group - GFI Informatique
  • Chain of treatment: CAPE consortium Gemini South and ACRI-ST

Data access

♦ level 3 SMOS data are available at


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